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Oh crud, it's been more than two years since I've posted here orz

Yes, I am still alive. Even more shocking, I still make icons XD But just under a new username and community... So if you are still interested in my icons head to:

aentee @ avantgeeks / aentee @ avantgeeks / aentee @ avantgeeks / aentee @ avantgeeks / aentee @ avantgeeks / aentee @ avantgeeks

I've just posted some Clover icons for the 30 icons challenge there:

( Take me to a true elsewhere )

And this is probably the last time I'm ever going to post here. I'll still leave this comm up, though, so I can browse through the old entries and have a bit of a giggle XD;

So this is the end, and a new beginning? Perhaps I will be less lazy this time around.
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icon update~! animanga (Clamp, Ai Yazawa & Misc)

It's been like what, a year+ since I updated with icons? XD; Aiya I hope people still remember who I am? No excuses, the reason's just plain laziness. And I'm productive at the strangest of times, too, like right now I should really be studying Chemistry & preparing for my end of year exams D: Some of these were made for the request post, but luckily these are shareable ♥~ That's why some of them have got names like "for helen" and stuff, thank those people for providing me the images and the inspiration to make the icons ♥!

But here's quite a large batch today (by my standards anyway XD) to make up for the year's worth of absence 8D Some of these are really really really old~ There are also some that I made just last week -- so quite a mixture of style here I think (I like the more recent ones better, they're the ones that are bombarded with loads of brushes and textures D: Is my taste old-fashioned?) ... And there are quite a few non-CLAMP icons *le gasp*! But what the hell I should stop babbling. Here be iconses!

30x CLAMP (X, Chobits, Clover, xxxHoLic + misc.)
14x Ai Yazawa (mainly Nana, but also 3 ParaKiss)
16x Misc Animanga (Death Note, D.Gray-Man + lots of other randoms)
= 60!~

I'm not sure what's cool and what's not around here anymore -- but here are a few teasers:

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just a quick hello~

Hai guys~ Well, I'm bumming around at home today under the guise that I'm attempting to adjust to wearing contacts 8D Everything looks sorta strange with them on, myself included. I look so weird without glasses ;_; Fortunately, computer-san still looks more or less the same ♥~ Anyway, the main point of this post is:

Requests is now closed. Could everyone who reserved a space give me their image soon please :3? And I am working on them, contrary to popular beliefs XD; Here's a sneak preview of what's to come~

Most of them are indeed textless, cos I suck and stuff 8)
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My iconing muse ran away after months of neglect ;_; I thought I had better persuade her to come back somehow so...


♥ Anyone can request, as long as you give me an image to work with.
♥ Unless you want something really ghastly I suggest you stick with CLAMP manga, anime or video games XD;
♥ You can suggest what text/style I use on the icon, I'll do my best to match your order :3
♥ All the icons I make for request will be shareable.

EDIT - Since quite a few people have been asking: Yes, you can 'reserve' a spot XD

CLOSED. Icons will be up for the people who have provided images in about a week 8) Those who have reserved, please provide me with the images soon :3
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icon texture #03 + icon texture #04

I would love to say this is an icon post -- but alas, all I have here is 2 light texture sets *hides* 8) Since I'm dorky and likes to keep to the Clampesque theme I shall name these part of my Clow Card Texture Series; but of course you can use them in whatever you like XD;

Also, excuse the fanciful preview, I got carried away ^^;

First up; The Glow ♥~

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And here be The Illusion XD;
Quick Preview:

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Comment, credit and enjoy :D If you like what you see please friend the community :3
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Phoenix Down

On contrary to popular belief, I am still very much alive 8DD I've had lots of computer problems and real life dilemma to deal with recently, so that's my excuse for disappearing without warning. However~~ I have a new computer now and have just reinstalled Photoshop so hopefully updates will become more regular now :3

As you would have known, Michi has left the community. I wish her luck with catastrophiel :D ♥! It's been a pleasure running the community with you~ despite the fact that I'm hardly ever around ^^;

Now that she's gone I'm terrified I won't be able to manage. But~~ I shall try XD

Oh, I've updated the affiliates list, sorry for the long wait. I'm working on my next icon batch right now, so please continue to watch this space :B